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SA's Cannabis Bill!? What does it say??

Out of a puff of smoke the Bill popped up in our CIDCWC (Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative WC) Founding Telegram group. REGULATION OF CANNABIS BILL is here! What does it say? How much bud can I actually grow? Can I sell? SO MANY QUESTIONS!?Before we jump into this - we must note that we are very early in the legislative process - so if there is something we really don't like - or the Bill does not cover certain crucial elements, we still have time to speak up!I'll cut to the chase and then we can unpack the Bill. You can possess up to 1000 grams (or 1kg) of dried cannabis or dried cannabis equivalent when you are at home (in a private space). In public you will be...

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Growing OGs

Can Hemp Save a nation? In South Africa we are dealing with more than 50% of high school students not completing their schooling for various different reasons. We at Growing Ogs are here to attract these youth to our safe learning space in Philippi. This project start in 2018 aimed at the fatherless households in the community in Philippi where Josh and Nate started a mentorship styled workshop space. With a lack of good sound father figures, we are raising a nation that is raising itself. We aim to show the love and respect to the students and to teach them to treat others with respect and love, and through showing acts of kindness to one another. Lead by example....

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