Cannabis Tourism with Original Cape Town

Cape Town is a renowned international tourism hotspot taking pole position on many a magazine “top travel destination”. We excite the opening of our travel borders and green tidings in the legislative scope. Cannabis trade is slowly opening up and it is time for cannabis to flex its economic strengths.

Did you know that 75% of job creation in the Western Cape was from tourism in 2019? This is massive! The livelihood of many of our people was harshly taken away in March and we welcome the dawn of a green age where we can welcome cannabis enthusiasts from abroad and re-create those lost jobs.

Since the 2018 Con Court judgement we have seen the formation of more than a couple ‘private smokers clubs’ that made use of loop holes in the law to establish and have been trading successfully since. While these are ‘above board’, we have an incredibly rich and diverse ‘underground’ (not literally) cannabis community that is excited to officiate and share with the rest of the world.

Original Cape Town’s cannabis tours will take guests to Africa’s first hempcrete music studio, experience how walls can make a room silent. After a canna-coffee we will head off to Cape Town’s cannabis friendly locations and share a day of blazing the trail.

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