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What is CannaTourism? To some, 420 tourism is an incredibly enjoyable experience or tour, and to many folks in the Western Cape, tourism is a livelihood. Did you know that in 2019, tourism accounted for over 75% of job creation in our province? 

While we dance around the legalities of cannabis use and await our legislatures to unlock this industry, we have seen the exciting establishment of cannabis trade and industry. THC remains a grey area knowing one cannot supply it yet, but the rescheduling of CBD to schedule 4 allows for over the counter sales where low-THC. 

Cape Town has taken the trophy for top travel destination and we can't wait to see how we rank in dank tours. Our cannabis is generally of a very high quality which will feature as a magnet to the cannabis enthusiasts. Why not do a high safari? Or reward yourself with a jay at the peak of a guided hike?

Products like hemp seed oil, clothing, personal care products, CBD oils and more have increasingly made their way into retail and each stop on our tour showcases at least one cannabis product. This tour hopes to help get these local start-ups on the map by showcasing their products to the tourists in town. 

Our tour will include the following products and we can't wait to share more details of each:
  • Hemp pressed juices/health shots
  • CBD infused tea & coffee
  • Hemp health bars
  • CBD vegan ice-cream 
  • Hemp soap 
  • Hemp lip balm
  • Hemp tote bag 
  • and more

The tour stops include Africa's first hempcrete music studio in the heart of Cape Town, prolific tourist attractions like Chapmans Peak and Boulders, cannabis friendly establishments and restaurants. You will be updated on the cannabis legal position in SA as well as find out how you can help SA usher in greener pastures.  

We regret there will be no 'high-THC' products for sale or supplied on this tour, only CBD products supplied. 

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