Cape Town's First Cannabis Expo

Original Cape Town was there! 

Walking into the Expo hall on the morning of Day 1 was a stark surprise on how established the cannabis industry has grown. There were around 80+ vendors all ready to showcase their addition to the cannabis industry. One could predict the head shops, pipes, bongs, even the growers were well supplied with nutrients, hydroponic kits and more. It was great to see the Cannabis knowledge systems, conglomerates that would assist with growing if all you have is cash, and then the Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative Western Cape who look to represent all linked to the cannabis industry. 

Original Cape Town took to the main stage on Friday after Dagga Couple's Myrtle gave an informative talk on the proposed Fields of Green for All action plan! Our OG's Josh & Nate spoke to answer the question: Can cannabis be used to grow a new South Africa? This talk touched on the spaces cannabis needs to be introduced to society and the role we play in normalising cannabis. Stay tuned as we will publish the full talk soon! 

The atmosphere in that hall was one we had never experienced before! There was great excitement in the air - and a noticeable unity of cannabis as a common interest amongst all! 

Let us take this uniting momentum and grow this nation taking special cadence to the poor who NEED the jobs, housing and food that this crop can supply! 

Bless Up all! 


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