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Can Hemp Save a nation?

In South Africa we are dealing with more than 50% of high school students not completing their schooling for various different reasons. We at Growing Ogs are here to attract these youth to our safe learning space in Philippi.

This project start in 2018 aimed at the fatherless households in the community in Philippi where Josh and Nate started a mentorship styled workshop space. With a lack of good sound father figures, we are raising a nation that is raising itself. We aim to show the love and respect to the students and to teach them to treat others with respect and love, and through showing acts of kindness to one another. Lead by example.

Our weekly classes take place on Thursdays between 3-6pm with a professional income earning skills handover in this 3 hour workshop/class. These classes are offered for free and attending is also for free. We rely on the goodness of these professionals to donate their time and skills to those in need and interested in learning. It is a combination of Hemp and of this very mindset that we can answer “yes” to the question “Can Hemp Save a nation?”

This is where we at Original Cape Town want to try make our impact in South Africa. We believe South Africa will benefit in countless ways when we introduce Cannabis to our economy, but we also need an active effort from the people to come together to grow a new South Africa.

By teaching income earning skills we are equipping people to empower themselves to provide for themselves and those around them. The first profession that is on offer at Growing OGs taught by Nate Swart (DJ) and Darwin Peterson (Music Producer) is the skill of DJing and Music Production. Classes have been in session since 10th Jan 2019 and two of the learners from the class are booking gigs and earning money from the skills learnt in class.  

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