Hemp Trials SA 2020/21

In July 2020 our nationwide hemp trial was choreographed and we are happy to share the outcome after receiving the lab test results. Thank you TamatieTM for the partnership to help make this possible. It must be noted that of our 30 hemp research packs sent out, only one was successful in growing a female plant through to harvest. We look forward to a higher success rate in our 2021/22 test.

South Africa is poised to take the poll position of cannabis supply worldwide across the board from hemp to medicinal cannabis and all in-between. Our contemporary climate, rich soil and strong Southern African sun contribute to desired and even unknown cannabinoid clusters for the uptake. This trial is set to continually analyse the value of hemp crops grown throughout South Africa and publish findings for public review and interest.

This year we sent out three different hemp or CBD rich strains including SAPA Valley, CB3 and SA Broad Leaf. Each farmer was limited to 12 plants with 4 seeds per strain. We witnessed marginal germination with these 12 seeds. A ‘resupply’ of seeds was needed when most that were sent out in the first round sadly did not sprout. A further 20 SAPA Valley seeds were sent to the farmers pushing the germination date from 1 September to mid October, some only November 2020.

We thank our farmer from Polokwane who managed to send clippings of a very successful SAPA Valley outdoor grow. Germination date was 18th November 2020 and harvest date was a late 25th May 2021. We managed to yield an impressive 900 grams from each plant and it grew to just shy of 5 meters (16+ ft) tall in 3 months and we let them flower fully for 3 months. 


Our lab results boasted the following:
CBD 5.06%
CBC 0.00%
CBDV 0,96%
CBG 0,00%
CBN 0,00%

and on the THC spectrum we found:
d8 THC 0,00%
d9 THC 5,83%
THCV 1,98%

We see a great (almost) 1:1 THC:CBD which is a desired medical strain and excite the presence of THCV. We know that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can give the munchies, but did you know THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) - one of many known cannabinoids - can help appease one's appetite? As a CB1 antagonist, THCV has been shown to reduce appetite while it’s cousin THC acts as an agonist of the CB1 (frontal lobe of your brain).

All-in-all we got a massive plant, incredible yield and we cant wait to sell it to you when commerce is here whether it be in pre-rolled jays or CBD oils. 

We look forward to year on year comparative data from our next hemp trail. Until then we excite the onset of hemp licences in October 2021 from the Department of Agriculture. Should you wish to get involved in cannabis trade in SA, email josh@ogct.co.za.

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