National SA Hemp Trials - November Update

If you have ever grown from seed, you will know it is either smooth planting or a struggle. Of our participants nationwide, we have seen some carry through germination with little effort and others facing more untoward realities. 

Original Cape Town embarked on this research project with great enthusiasm and little foresight as to the outcomes. This is Africa, she flows in our veins and while she hands down some difficulties, we love her for it regardless. Our Eastern Cape farmers have been facing water challenges and recently received rain, however its the peckish chickens we need to keep an eye on. Sadly many of the trial crops in the EC did not make it past germination.


After analysing the various shortcomings (chickens, too much sun, not enough water, too dry climate and more) - we are happy to announce our new research partnership that will guide the project to abundance. We are to resupply our participating farmers with more than just the 6 seeds sent up at the beginning of October 2020. Farmers will be getting up to 20 x SAPA Valley seeds to germinate before 15 December 2020. 

Tamatie  is a longstanding friend of Original Cape Town and deeply rooted in South Africa's cannabis industry. Tamatie has come alongside Original Cape Town in this nationwide research project to provide support in the following domains: 

  • Supply of low THC seeds
  • Growers support 
  • Testing of clippings 
  • Testing of soil samples

This project seeks to equip emerging and sustenance farmers to enter the cannabis market in whatever way they deem the most fit. With this data, we will be able to facilitate all participating farmers with a fast-tracked licence. We are excited to reveal the development of this project! When complete and the data qualified, we will be making a presentation to our Parliament of the findings to guide policy decisions. 

Be blessed dear reader 

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