Original Cape Town starts nationwide hemp trials - September 2020

As predicted, 1 September (Spring Day) ticked over with no word from government officials on how to go about with hemp farming. We aren't irrational, we need data before executing large scale farming of any crop. Original Cape Town has initiated a nationwide hemp research project that will seek out the most apt hemp strain for growing at scale in South Africa. 

We are equipped with 3 hemp strains that are approved low THC. 
  1. South Africa Broad Leaf 
  2. SAPA Valley
  3. CB3

The regions of our focus are geared towards Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal where we have 12 farmers who will facilitate our hemp research this month. Much like the 12 who scouted the promised land, we look forward to being the Joshua & Caleb report of abundance rather than reports of fear and giants in the way. 

Each farm will get a Hemp R&D Kit that includes the seeds, seed sprouting media, a basic data collection handbook and the opportunity to unlock hemp farming in their region. We look forward to see how the various stains perform in our varied SA climates.

WHERE IS THE RESEARCH PERMIT?! Original Cape Town is forward looking, and resolution based. We have been left astray by our government departments who have issued research permits in the past without as much a site inspection (basic standard operating producers negated) meaning the permits are not worth the paper they are printed on. No, we WILL NOT WAIT for DAFF to set our research permit parameters, we go ahead! We are using our newly legislated Bill based on the right to privacy to go ahead with these trials, and cannot wait for the data!  

Should you wish to find out more or join the research project, please reach out to Joshua Swart (josh@ogct.co.za) who is co-ordinating this prolific research project. 

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