Spring Day - let us plant

Cannabis is finally getting the parliamentary nod but quickly stirring up a society shaking heads not hands. 

We have seen mentionable progressions in our cannabis laws and staged for the introduction of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill which codifies many necessary changes. Following this legislative promulgation we should see the likes of Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries step up to the plate and provide us with the ever-pleaded licensing framework or proposed farming model.   

Are we going to hold our breath and wait for the correct application letters and licensing framework that will inevitably feed into the hand of the capitalist and worse yet exude unquestionable degrees of unfair discrimination? Are we going to be promised the application letters for this season again, time out, promise us January 2021, time-out again, and then next September we can go ahead? Maybe our previous generations have allowed the state to hold this control and listen to empty promises, but we are not going to wait. 

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill allows one to grow up to 12 cannabis plants (any level of THC) in their private domain. We are blessed to report that we are facilitating the trial hemp crops of over 13 farms throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are searching for the most apt low-thc hemp strain for our various climates and all under the right to privacy. Thank you Con Court. 

Our farming projects are poised to impact the female driven households in the Eastern Cape introducing all to the node of hemp farming and processing. This is the start of the green era and when Dept of Agri decides to come to the office, we will complete all the paperwork needed, until then we regulate and emancipate. 

There is a noticeable expectation of a NOW-solution to the decades of poverty and our people are suffering. Most have enough money for food for one week per month, thereafter its tea and maize/bread every day for three or four weeks. Bank accounts can sit at R0.00 for months on end. Roads aren't built, houses do not have running water supply, schools are dilapidated, hospitals filthily, to what end? Can we see that the liberators turned looters and will stay that way as long as we allow! 

We are here to forge our new South Africa, and refuse to allow more of this abuse. The hemp industry has taken root, research and development is beginning on a mass scale and this unstoppable force will be the new liberator. We have a long way to go but the dream has been dreamt and the actions have been set in place. Our new South Africa has no space for the corrupt and greedy, only abundance, harmony and self actualisation.  

If you would like to get involved in hemp research in South Africa, reach out to us at info@ogt.co.za.

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