CBD300mg | 15ml Olive Oil
CBD300mg | 15ml Olive Oil

CBD300mg | 15ml Olive Oil

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300mg CBD Isolate in a carrier of Olive Oil enhanced with Turmeric & Piperine.

Turmeric & Piperine is added to
 increase the neurological bio-availability.

How to use:
Enjoy 1mg of CBD per drop, up to 20 drops per day (20mg). Administer under tongue for best absorption and activation.   

Our pure CBD isolate is grown, sourced & certified from the rolling hills of Colorado & brought into the mother land. 

Dropping CBD into your daily routine will add to your quality of life. Whether its anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain or inflammation, this CBD Oil is an essential. According to global medical journals, short term benefits include alleviation from the above, in the long term it results in an overall boost in immune, nourishment & neurological health!  


Store in a cool, dark & dry place. Being CBD isolate there is no need to hide behind a lock & safe - the product is 100% legal. It is advised to consume within 90 days of opening, then place your next order.

Please recycle the glass!